About us

Innovation & Professionalism

The Best Price. The Best Product. The Best Service.

In partnership with Australia’s leading innovator in solar technology – SolarArk. We aim to provide fellow Australians with high performance solar hot water systems in Australia. Our systems are specifically designed for diverse homes and commercial properties. Established in 2010 we have covered many parts of New South Wales installing Solar technology for homes and business. 

We work under the belief there is no job too big and no job too small. We use only the highest quality of products to give our customers peace of mind.

Effective Communication

At Riverina Complete Solar we strongly believe in high professionalism and effective communication between client and company. We want to ensure you understand the progression of the job and all the how, whens and whys.

Over 9 Years Experience

We have been in operation for almost 10 years in Griffith. However our knowledge of the Solar industry extends beyond those 10 years. 

State of the Art Technology

Our vision is to create a greener planet, ease the stresses of power bills and quality of human life by making use of the latest in solar technology.

Commercial & Residential Solutions.

Riverina Complete Solar operate under the belief there is no job too big and no job too small. Our products provide both residential and commercial solutions. 

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Solar Power

Our system provides electrical energy to assist the customer is reducing their energy costs and greenhouse footprint. Savings of up to 45% can be obtained in comparison to conventional generation methods.

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Solar Hot Water

This system utilizes the natural energy from the sun, converting it into electrical energy to heat up the water. You can use it for bathing, washing, laundry, and drinking.

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Solar Roof Vents

Solar heat can cause elevated heat within the roof. We provide SolarArk Vents which exchange roof air to avoid heat build up.