Solar Hot Water

Active Water Heaters & Passive Water Heaters. 

Solar Hot Water

This system utilizes the natural energy from the sun, collected in our evacuative tubes to heat up the water. You can use it for bathing, washing, laundry, and drinking. 

 We use evacuative tubing that are frost proof so you will not have an issue in winter months.

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Solar Hot Water Products


Tilt Frame - Stainless Steel Frame

The complete system is lightweight for easy installation and the stainless steel frame is resilient to corrosion. We install solar tilt frames to suit our range of 10, 20 and 30 tube arrays. To achieve optimum efficiency, the solar collector needs to face the equator in Australia and New Zealand is due north. With the cylindrical shape of the evacuated tube solar collector installation angles of up to 45° away from north have minimal effect on the yearly solar production. 

Vitreous Enamel Storage Tanks

The Vitreous Enamel storage tanks are an efficient option for solar water heaters. The inner tank is made from mild steel with a thin vitreous enamel coating inside of the vessel. This type of hot water storage tank is better suited for areas with hard water or poor water qualities. The inner tank is encased with high density polyurethane insulation and a tough “zincalum” outer casing, fit to withstand Australia’s unforgiving climate!

The heavy duty construction “Vitreous Enamel” or “glass lined storage tank is complemented by energy efficient design delivering superior thermal performance and low heat loss values. All our storage tanks comply with the Australian Standards (ISO 9001 & ISO14001) and are certified suitable for potable “drinking water” with the Watermark certificate.